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10 And Under: Success or Failure–A Cross Section | Coach JP Weber

10 And Under: Success or Failure–A Cross Section

This weekend in Georgia proved to have some of the best weather in all of 2013 to date. It also proved to be one of the busiest weekends for USTA junior tennis tournaments in the Atlanta Metro area. Coachjpweber.com did a survey and can provide a cross section view of how the 10 And Under tournaments are fairing in the Atlanta metro market.

The 8th, 9th and 10th of March 2013 there were 10 (Level 4 or Level 5) tournaments in the entire metro Atlanta area. Coachjpweber.com wanted to look at the draws of the “10 And Under” events and give everyone a snapshot of just how many 10 And Under players entered the events.

The USTA has spent millions and millions of dollars and huge efforts have been made on behalf of the 10 And Under initiative. The USTA Level 4 events are the most common types tournaments in the Georgia District of the USTA.

In the 10 USTA tournaments which were required to have the 10 And Under divisions as part of their event offerings–4 of the tournaments had entrants in the Boy’s 10 And Under. One of these tournaments had a total of 12 “Boy” entrants. The grand total for all 10 tournaments for “Boy” entrants into the 10 And Under Division was 21 players. That is roughly 2 players per tournament.

In the “Girls” divisions of the 10 And Under events the grand total of tournaments having entrants was 2. The grand total of “Girl” entrants in all of the metro tournaments was 14 players. This is less than 1.5 players per tournament.

Tournaments directors in the USTA Georgia district have no choice but to offer the 10 And Under events in their tournaments. Several years ago when the USTA rolled out the Mandate it became a stipulation to require the 10 And Under events in the tournaments. Tennis facilities across the state of Georgia were required to paint the lines on their courts. In a departure from earlier years, tournament directors were precluded from leaving out the 10 and Under divisions from the tournaments. Perhaps, in years past the number of offerings for 10 And Under events were more limited.

Another consideration to take note of is how we are seeing the numbers of players aged 10 years or less that are now playing up into the higher age brackets. You see many young players preferring to play up with the “green balls” rather than to play with the “orange balls”.

The Atlanta tennis market is one of the most intense tennis markets in the USA and world. 10 tournament offerings like this over one weekend are not common in other parts of the country and the children are provided with excellent opportunities with thru these tournaments.

This is just a snapshot and it focuses on one of the busiest weekends thus far in 2013. One hopes these numbers will increase as 2013 progresses. This is only one weekend out of the year and we will continue to monitor this progress into 2013.

By the way there were no 8 And Under offerings this same weekend in any of these tournaments.



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