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Fluidity In The Service Motion

Over all the years I have watched tennis I have to say there have been people who serve very hard and then there are those who can serve hard and do it well under pressure when the chips are down. Ultimately, it is important to make the serve in the court and start the point–that is for sure.

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Dealing With Anger On The Court

I think it is ok to get angry on the court. Getting angry shows you are a competitor. But like many other sports you have a very small window of time in tennis to spend angry. In tennis there is no time for “History Majors”. So get angry but get over it real quick and begin thinking about the next point and how you are going to approach it in a winning manner.

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Jerry Baskin On The Show

I am excited about the show for this week. My guest, Jerry Baskin is one of the finest coaches in the country. The show will broadcast on Sunday evening December 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. EST.

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Junior Tennis Ambassadors

Lastly, and most importantly, I hope you will always tell it like it is. Say what you truly feel and think. Speak truth to power. Do not hold back just to get perks from the USTA or get nice Committee assignments or to avoid perceived retribution by our heavy handed governing body. To me, that kind of “group think” and bowing to the USTA has gotten us into this situation where everyone is in a state of despair and so disgusted with the USTA and state of American Junior Tennis.

Wayne Bryan to Coach “A”

Vic Braden Plea To Racquet Manufacturers

John Embree

John Embree is the new CEO of the USPTA. He is a very nice guy but what he has in common with the normal tennis coach in the United States is beyond me? I am going to look forward to seeing what he is going to do for the Association and where he will guide it going forward in the next few years. I do not have an axe to grind and I do not want it to seem like I have a chip on my shoulder–I write this just as an observation and because it is getting close to the time I have to write another check for my dues with the USPTA. I always find myself wondering why I pay the dues each year. I do not think this should be the way one should feel about the organization. The dues should be worth the expense and you can get the same thing from the PTR and they are nicer on the phone when you call in and everyone there remembers everyone’s name. For $20.00 per year you could join the United States High School Tennis Coaches Association and they give you a nice workbook and they might still do insurance.

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