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Vic Braden Plea To Racquet Manufacturers

Federer Covers All Angles In London Hot Shot

Bryan Brothers Are #1

It looks like Bob and Mike Bryan have again clinched the year-end No. 1 ATP Doubles Team Ranking. This is the eighth time and a record. It is also the forth consecutive season they are the World Number 1’s. That is impressive and they still love it and are probably good for a few more seasons!





Great Passage From Great Book!

Gordon Forbes, A Handful of Summers

“Without knowing it, we became addicted to it; inexorably infected by its very deepest urgings, by the whole wide character of the game: the touch of a new racquet, the smell of varnish on gut, the way a slice backhand could float on heavy air and bite into a surface of damp clay.

The way spins drifted and what they did when they bounced. Floppy hats, sunburnt faces, the ache at the end of the day. The lonely matches on outside courts–the hostile eye of opponents’ parents. The last sixteens, the mixed doubles, the number one seeds.

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One Of My Favorite Book Passages

Abraham Verghese–author of The Tennis Partner

It has been a decade–…Every few weeks I feel the need to pull it out from the closet where it is carefully stored. First, there is the ritual of loosening the four wing nuts on the press until the racquet slips free. It feels lithe and spry in my hand, conjuring up an era of Brylcreemed hair, ribbed tennis sweaters and the grace of a Ken Rosewall.
This model, the Dunlop Maxply, is the one I coveted as a child–the Ferrari of racquets. I thought the Wilson Jack Kramer Autograph looked wimpy.

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Dr. Anne Smith on the Show!

I am excited about the We Coach TENNIS show this Sunday evening September 23rd, 2012 on the UR10S network. We have ten-time Grand Slam Champion Dr. Anne Smith on the show ladies to talk with us about a variety of things. Tune in Sunday, September 23rd, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. EST!

For more information about this radio show visit the We Coach TENNIS Radio Show page.

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You mold the will. You never break the spirit of a great athlete.

Coach Chuck Kriese – Junior Champions Tennis Center, College Park, MD.

It was brutal to play in that wind, it's hard to describe. Those are probably the hardest conditions I've ever had to play in, and I am from Scotland so that is saying something.

Andy Murray – 2012 US Open Semi-finals