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"In theory, a heavier racquet should help to reduce arm injuries. There is anecdotal evidence from veteran coaches that arm and shoulder injuries increased when heavy, wood racquets were replaced with modern, light racquets at the end of the 1970s. When you strike a ball coming towards you, the ball tends to push the racquet head backward as your arm swings forward. Alternatively, the head slows down while your hand is still accelerating. Light racquets get pushed backward more than heavy racquets. A sudden twist of the arm or the wrist, repeated many times, can result in tennis elbow and other injuries. The problem is magnified by the fact that light racquets need to be swung faster to pack the same punch as heavy racquets, so the impact shock is likely to be greater, especially if you miss-hit the ball near the tip of the racquet or near one edge."

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Shaped Strings Do Not Add Spin

At the Wilson SpinEffect Tour meeting we had last week the researchers at Wilson revealed in a study conducted in conjunction with the ITF there is no evidence to suggest that shaped strings add to spin of the ball. What creates more spin is the actual movement of the strings out of place on the string bed and then the subsequent snapback of the strings.  Read more…

Wilson Racquet Sports Meeting

Last Friday, October 19th, 2012 Wilson Tennis General Manager, Jon Muir and his posse came into Atlanta with a whole bunch of great stuff to share with the pros and coaches in the Southeast. It was a big investment of time and money for Wilson and they brought all of their high tech equipment to the SpinEffect Technology Tour.

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Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 – Racquet of Choice

This is the racquet of choice that we use in the Tennis Dynamics Junior Development Program. Why do you ask? Well there are many reasons of which we will detail a few below. Full disclosure in that TDY is sponsored by Wilson but we have been sponsored by other manufacturers and tried every racquet under the sun and always come back to Wilson technology.

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