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Kids and Christmas | Coach JP Weber

Kids and Christmas

Just want to write this morning about seeing a few kids of a very young age getting cells phones and iPads this past Christmas from Santa. I have these tools and use them myself quite often. I am even writing this post on the 78′ Soapbox this morning on my iPhone while waiting at the Doctor’s office.

While sitting here at Emory I noticed twin 6 year olds working on their iPad Minis. While they were each using an iPad Mini a call came in to one of the girls on her iPhone. I just kinda sat there wondering how I ever made it thru childhood as I did. Never mind how much these things cost per kid. I tried to think ahead for those girls and what they were going to have going forward and to be honest I can only worry.

They were nice girls. Polite but really they did not look up much from the iPads. Their mom spoke to me and that is how I learned about their gifts from Santa. They looked so neat and clean and I thought about when I was their age and how I was probably running out back behind our house in the rosebush hedges and running after Ms. Dillard’s horses and slopping through bogs and mud and all the fat ticks I pulled from my body. Sounds bad to people these days, right…?! But I do not think it was bad and in my opinion it is better way to grow up having that kind of stuff going on. The kids I see these days do not get dirty and these kids here in Marietta know more about THINGS by the age of 12 than I knew in my 20’s and 30’s. They do not play outside and for the most part spend the time they do playing in front of some kind of screen.

I am real glad I do not let my son use these things yet and I am following Wayne Bryan’s suggestion of no TV. My boy gets the TV at the tennis center and with his grandparents but no TV with us at home. He is outside of the tennis center on most days–good weather or bad and mostly dirty on all days. At this point that suits me just fine. When he does get a chance to look at MY iPhone he usually gets dirt all over the screen.

I just worry about the future for kids seeing things like I saw today at the Doctor’s office.


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