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Make Good Contact with the Ball First | Coach JP Weber

Make Good Contact with the Ball First

One thing I find with nearly every beginning adult and junior player is the question, “How do I employ strategy and aim the ball to this side or that side of the court?”

The answer is if the racquet face is square to the ball and tilted to the right or the left then it will go to the right or the left. But this is very difficult to feel or see for the beginning player. Tennis is dynamic. It different from golf where you can almost slow everything down to a pace where you can actually see the contact take place. So much can happen while a players is moving into position during the tennis stroke and at the very same time the ball is moving. But so much of the tennis I coach to the League players is occupied with their quest to aim the ball.

My message to them is that it is better to think in terms of making good contact with the ball in a repeated fashion. Once the player can make good contact with the ball time after time then they will be able to better aim the ball as they can feel the ball better and their brain takes over in hitting the ball.

So, do not worry about where you are aiming nearly as much as you worry about making good contact with the ball. The aiming will come soon enough.


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