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ROG: A Championship Filter | Coach JP Weber


  1. Martyn Collins (@MarTennis)

    Pretty sad that Dr. Brown needs to denigrate to make his point. Champions are born. Coaches cultivate the champion within and encourage the inner champion in all whether they like ROG or not.

    • coachjpweber

      I guess your skin is more sensitive than mine because I do not see the denigration.

      • Martyn Collins (@MarTennis)

        Analogies and metaphors aside. Dr. Brown does not possess a lock or recipe on what works, nor despite all his years of involvement in the game does he tout any substantial junior development of any note that he wishes to advertises as much as his unproven theories on the relationship between neurology and effective tennis learning or for that matter classic or modern fundemental of tennis play. He essentially is lost in a time warp of pedagogy and cultural ideology. Sincerely but not so sensitively, Marty

        • coachjpweber

          Interesting… You appear ready, willing and able to throw your lot behind unproven methodology. What about Dr. Kernodle is he too to be summarily dismissed by you? And you jump aboard USTA gravy train to follow along behind something that has zero results in the real world. What about Jim Loeher and Dr. Groppel? They too have found the ROG and TAUT stuff lacking in substance. Vic Braden is another who thinks they really might have just studied things a little closer. But he too is summarily dismissed I suppose by you. In some cultures the old, experienced and learned are respected. In your world they are described as being lost in time warps. How long before the time warp catches up to you?

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