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Lastly, and most importantly, I hope you will always tell it like it is. Say what you truly feel and think. Speak truth to power. Do not hold back just to get perks from the USTA or get nice Committee assignments or to avoid perceived retribution by our heavy handed governing body. To me, that kind of “group think” and bowing to the USTA has gotten us into this situation where everyone is in a state of despair and so disgusted with the USTA and state of American Junior Tennis.

Wayne Bryan to Coach “A”

We Coach TENNIS Radio Show — Vic Braden, Sunday, December 9th, 2012

This Sunday join us for an hour as we discuss tennis with the great Vic Braden. Vic has been an inspiration for me over the years. When I first picked up tennis my father would sit me down in front of the television each week during a period of time where they would broadcast the Vic Braden Tennis Show on the Public Broadcasting Channel. I would sit and watch it and I remembered a lot of what he did and said. Years later I was pleased when I was able to purchase his video series. I first got them on VHS, wore them out and then got them again on DVD. Great Stuff!

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"In theory, a heavier racquet should help to reduce arm injuries. There is anecdotal evidence from veteran coaches that arm and shoulder injuries increased when heavy, wood racquets were replaced with modern, light racquets at the end of the 1970s. When you strike a ball coming towards you, the ball tends to push the racquet head backward as your arm swings forward. Alternatively, the head slows down while your hand is still accelerating. Light racquets get pushed backward more than heavy racquets. A sudden twist of the arm or the wrist, repeated many times, can result in tennis elbow and other injuries. The problem is magnified by the fact that light racquets need to be swung faster to pack the same punch as heavy racquets, so the impact shock is likely to be greater, especially if you miss-hit the ball near the tip of the racquet or near one edge."

Cross and Lindsey in Technical Tennis:

Greg Patton Clip–Join Us Sunday To Hear the Rest

On this Sunday we have “The General” Greg Patton on the show. Here is a preview of the show and a clip from tennis great Luke Jensen describing Coach Patton. Hope you can catch the show Sunday, December 2nd, 2012 on Blog Talk Radio!

North Carolina Wesleyan College Men’s Tennis vs. Washington and Lee Men’s Tennis

This week the road not taken goes to the NCAA Division III level and we take a look at two teams from that obscure NCAA Division where the most important thing is academics and athletics is a distant second. At the Division III level all the things people want to point to as being wrong with collegiate athletics are solved. Programs are not run by money and schools have the right perspective on programs–winning is not supposed to be the number one goal. D-III schools compete in athletics as a non-revenue-making, extracurricular activity for students; hence, they may not offer athletic scholarships, they may not redshirt freshmen for non-medical reasons, and they may not use endowments or funds whose primary purpose is to benefit their athletic programs.

Also, under NCAA rules, D-III schools “shall not award financial aid to any student on the basis of athletics leadership, ability, participation or performance”. Financial aid given to athletes must be awarded under the same procedures as for the general student body, and the proportion of total financial aid given to athletes “shall be closely equivalent to the percentage of student-athletes within the student body.”

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Clemson Women’s Tennis Team vs. Syracuse Women’s Tennis Team

This week with the “Road Not Taken” we look at the Clemson Women’s Tennis Team vs. the Syracuse Women’s Tennis Team.

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We Coach TENNIS — November 18th, 2012

The guest tonight is the one and only Justin Gimelstob. We were finally able to connect with Justin and some say it was our best show yet. I was worried throughout the show if was I was going to be able to pull it off and do a good enough job to keep Justin interested and I think we did that on the show tonight.

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