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Auburn Men’s Tennis vs. Notre Dame Men’s Tennis

Ok, here we have two different programs, in two different conferences and two different roads the coaches have chosen with filling their rosters. The Head Coach at Auburn is Eric Shore and he is a good coach and good guy, but look at the roster–all the players except one are foreign. Now let’s take a look at the University of Notre Dame Men’s team coached by Bobby Bayliss (another good guy and good coach) and you see a striking contrast in that their roster has all Americans except for one foreigner.

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College Tennis/Foreign Players Dilemma And My Steps To Change The Imbalance

Right now if you were to take a look at the college tennis rosters across the country you would see great portions of team rosters filled with players whose names are mostly hard to pronounce and even harder to understand. This strikes some people as totally wrong and if I were able to get back into college coaching I would try my level best to do it with the American sounding names and not the foreign names. Names like Tsukamoto, Melian, Skogeng, Lutjen and Bogaerts could belong to Americans but they do not. These players come from all over the world to play tennis here in the United States. And I think they should be free to do so. But the scholarships pool is constricting and there are less and less opportunities for young Americans–especially on the Men’s side of the equation. I would like to see more incentives in place to encourage more collegiate coaches to search the American landscape for their players.

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