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Vic Braden Plea To Racquet Manufacturers

Wilson Racquet Sports Meeting

Last Friday, October 19th, 2012 Wilson Tennis General Manager, Jon Muir and his posse came into Atlanta with a whole bunch of great stuff to share with the pros and coaches in the Southeast. It was a big investment of time and money for Wilson and they brought all of their high tech equipment to the SpinEffect Technology Tour.

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One Of My Favorite Book Passages

Abraham Verghese–author of The Tennis Partner

It has been a decade–…Every few weeks I feel the need to pull it out from the closet where it is carefully stored. First, there is the ritual of loosening the four wing nuts on the press until the racquet slips free. It feels lithe and spry in my hand, conjuring up an era of Brylcreemed hair, ribbed tennis sweaters and the grace of a Ken Rosewall.
This model, the Dunlop Maxply, is the one I coveted as a child–the Ferrari of racquets. I thought the Wilson Jack Kramer Autograph looked wimpy.

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