The University of Denver Men’s Tennis vs. University of California at Davis Men’s Tennis

As we reach the end of 2012 we take a look at two more NCAA Division I teams. This week we look at the University of Denver Pioneers and the University of California Aggies. Both universities are located in the cities of their namesake.

Let’s start with the University of Denver Pioneers. The team is coached by Danny Westerman. Coach Westerman played at the University of Wisconsin and this is his 7th season with the Pioneers. The team plays in the Western Athletic Conference and the team is made up of 7 foreigners and 1 American. Take a look at their roster here. Last year they did not win a lot but maybe the plethora of foreigners on this year’s team will change those results. The players are from all over the globe.


The University of California at Davis Aggies are coached by Eric Steidlmayer and they compete in the Big West Conference. Eric competed at the University of California at San Diego and this is his first year at UC-Davis. here is a look at their roster.  This team is made up of mostly Americans. There is one player on the team from Canada. The team also had a losing record last year.

Both teams have to figure out a way to win. Each can take a road and there are a few choices they can make. They can either recruit or develop players out of their holes. Let’s see how it plays out in 2012-2013.


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