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We Coach TENNIS — December 16th, 2012 | Coach JP Weber

We Coach TENNIS — December 16th, 2012

On this evening (with our guest connection suffering) J.P. Weber takes to the microphone and reads Robert Davis’ satirical story on playing the ATP tour and improving in the game of tennis. The story involves two players: Scotty Scramble and Willy Wanker. Scotty Scramble is the hard working player who wants to learn and desires to become better through the process. Willy Wanker just wants to be good and quick and does not care how he gets there.



Robert Davis has served as national coach for Peru, Panama, Thailand, and Indonesia. As a writer, he contributes to the ATP’s Deuce Magazine, Tennis Magazine USA, tennis.com, Tennis Magazine Australia, and ITF publications as well as non-sporting publications and newspapers.

Coach Chuck Kriese joins Coach Weber as they talk about the story and Robert. The adventurous coach now lives and coaches tennis in Cambodia. He travels the world coaching tennis and writing for various publications. You can learn more about Robert by visiting his website at this link.



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