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We Coach TENNIS — December 9th, 2012 | Coach JP Weber

We Coach TENNIS — December 9th, 2012

Our guest tonight on the show is Vic Braden. Coach Vic Braden has over 70 years in the field teaching tennis. Coach Braden has spent a great deal of time helping tennis players to maximize their performance and enjoyment of tennis. Vic is a licensed psychologist in California.  **The first 30-40 minutes of the audio is a little tough but it clears up after that period.

Coach Braden was one of eight children born in Claiborne County, Tennessee. Introduced to tennis at age 12, he became good enough to earn invites to play in River Forest, Illinois and in Milwaukee. He went to Kalamazoo College, where he was captain of the tennis team, and won the league title in singles. Braden played professionally after graduating from Kalamazoo College in 1951 while serving as assistant basketball coach at the University of Toledo. Among those he played with on the tour were Jimmy Evert (father of Chris Evert) and George Richey (father of Cliff and Nancy Richey).

He obtained a master’s degree in psychology at UCLA and Cal State, and then he played on Jack Kramer’s pro tour. He and Kramer later founded The Jack Kramer Club, where Braden served as the head tennis pro and developed the “tennis college” concept. You can find out more about the tennis college at www.vicbraden.com.

Vic is an author, sports educator and researcher, cinematographer, videographer, sports, television commentator.

On the show Vic mentions an organization he is devoting some energy to in his area. The name of the organization is Junior Tennis Ambassadors. He explains that is it an organization near and dear to his heart but he has found it difficult to get funding for the organization. Here is the link and if you happen to find it something you would be interested in supporting please check out the site and help them to achieve some of their funding goals.

Here are some of the books Braden has written:

Tennis 2000: Strokes, Strategy, and Psychology for a Lifetime

Vic Braden’s Quick Fixes: Expert Cures for Common Tennis Problems

Vic Braden’s Tennis for the Future

Vic Braden’s Mental Tennis: How to Psych Yourself to a Winning Game

Vic Braden’s Laugh and Win at Doubles



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