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Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 – Racquet of Choice | Coach JP Weber

Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 – Racquet of Choice

This is the racquet of choice that we use in the Tennis Dynamics Junior Development Program. Why do you ask? Well there are many reasons of which we will detail a few below. Full disclosure in that TDY is sponsored by Wilson but we have been sponsored by other manufacturers and tried every racquet under the sun and always come back to Wilson technology.

Get The Racquet Right First!

We want our players to understand the racquet is not the key ingredient to their success. Our basic precept with regard to the racquet is we like for the juniors to get a very good racquet and then stay with it over time. By following this approach we take the racquet out of the players’ minds. Then there is one less built-in excuse for failure on the court.

Once in our Excel program whatever racquet you have is good enough. We like to see every player either stay with their own personal racquet (as long as the company makes the racquet) or they switch to the Wilson Prostaff 6.1./95. Once the racquet company stops producing their racquet then players will need to switch to the Wilson Prostaff 6.1/95.

We have very specific reasons we like the Wilson Prostaff 6.1/95 racquet for our players. To begin with the geometry and weight of the racquet are just right. Second, the Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been making the Prostaff 6.1/95 frame for many years and you can depend on them making the frame in some fashion or another for years to come.


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