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Wilson Racquet Sports Meeting | Coach JP Weber

Wilson Racquet Sports Meeting

Last Friday, October 19th, 2012 Wilson Tennis General Manager, Jon Muir and his posse came into Atlanta with a whole bunch of great stuff to share with the pros and coaches in the Southeast. It was a big investment of time and money for Wilson and they brought all of their high tech equipment to the SpinEffect Technology Tour.

I will try and share as much as I can in subsequent posts but I must say the new SpinEffect racquets are going to possibly be the next big innovation in racquet technology to really make a difference. The company has also trimmed down the racquet offerings and changed some of the names to make the selections for racquets less confusing and a simpler process for the consumer. We will still stick with the Pro Staff 95 as our racquet of choice. But I will be very interested if they are able to create the same SpinEffect for that model in the next few years.

Below is one of the slides from the educational tour presented by the racquet experts there and this one deals with what creates spin on the ball.


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